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Socket Preservation leads to Smile Preservation

Author: Dr. Robin Gallardi DDS MS FRCDC Dip ABOMS

If you suddenly find yourself losing a tooth you may be wondering about the effects of this procedure on your smile. Thankfully there are ways to preserve the bone and position of other teeth. A socket preservation procedure may be recommended as a way of preventing bone loss and collapse of adjacent teeth.

A socket preservation procedure is a bone grafting procedure. After the tooth is extracted the site is grafted with bone to stimulate your own bone to grow in and fill the socket quickly and efficiently. This procedure prevents bone loss from the healing process. By preserving the bone this helps maintain healthy gum and tooth position. Once the graft is in place, your surgeon may use small sutures or pins to hold the tissues in place. Then he will reposition your gum tissue, closing it back up over the surgical site. At your initial treatment consultation, we will determine the right type of graft for your needs. There are many ways of performing a socket preservation. Your surgeon will decide which choice is best for you!

Following your socket preservation procedure, the new tissue will form and will integrate with the surrounding bone. This process will typically take several months. Eventually the boney ridge will be fully healed and back to normal. Your dentist or surgeon may recommend a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Thanks to socket preservation, you will most likely have enough bone tissue to qualify for these types of restorations.


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Copyright Dr. Robin Gallardi 2017

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