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Can I have Sedation for my Surgery?

Author: Dr. Robin Gallardi DDS MS FRCDC Dip ABOMS

Safe, Effective Sedation and Anesthesia at Face2Face Surgery Centre

Patient safety and comfort are top priorities at Face2Face Surgery Centre. We offer a variety of sedation and anesthesia options as part of your custom treatment plan. We will work with you to determine the safest and most effective options available to you based on your clinical needs and health history.

Types of Anesthesia and Sedation

Local Anesthesia is administered directly to the area where a procedure is performed to help ensure your procedure is pain free. It can be used alone or with other methods of anesthesia or sedation in all oral surgery procedures.

Sedation designed to provide extra comfort and relieve anxiety surrounding your oral surgery procedure. Used in combination with local anesthesia. While not fully asleep or unconscious, you will have little or no memory of the procedure after the medication wears off. Using sedation we may be able to complete many different procedures, including complex smile makeovers, in just one office visit.

General Anesthesia is generally reserved for longer, or more complex procedures although can be used for patients who have anxiety about their procedure. When general anesthesia is used, you will fall asleep and be completely unaware throughout the entire process of your surgery.


Safety is our top concern when considering the use of sedation or general anesthesia. A number of factors determine if sedation is an option for your surgery. These include:

1) Medical history

2) History of cardiac or heart problems

3) Weight

4) History of airway disease like asthma or COPD

5) Complexity of the procedure

6) Location of the surgery

7) Past Anesthetic complications

8) Allergies

9) Malignant Hyperthermia

Our doctors and staff work hard to make sure that you have a comfortable, positive experience, and that's why we are pleased to offer sedation anesthesia for those patients needing a little extra comfort before receiving treatment. Feeling anxious about receiving surgical care should never prevent you from having the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.


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Copyright Dr. Robin Gallardi 2017

Copyright Dr. Robin Gallardi 2017

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